Discord music bot

I am Cara
A very easy to use Discord music bot.

Cara is a Discord Music Bot that focuses on the following aspects.
  - To offer the community the highest possible quality music-experience.
Cara also offers a lot of exclusive, specific functions that differ her from other MusicBots.
  - That includes an astounding, highest-quality music-experience from multiple sources.

Since Cara is accompanied by a highly excited team, she will also always remain on the most current status.

With an easy-to-use, and not overly complicated command-list, she promises an extraordinary experience for our users.
  - To simplify it, she possesses of a very clear Command-Interface, and in addition does not cause any lags.
She also ensures a very extensive choice of sources to pick from.
  - This includes: YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitch, as well as many others.

Currently serving 2000+ Discord servers with 400000+ Users.

Inspiration for creating Cara.

Cara was crafted to be a free music bot for your discord server

Cara Delevingne

Already Included the beautiful music function on Cara, she also can sent you little funny gifs from Cara Delevingne. To get more interactions with Cara we have implement this function. NSFW-Gifs not included!

Completely Free 24/7 Music streaming

In addition, you are very well able to let Cara play any music, on any Channel of your choice, 24 hours, 7 days a week, via the so-called "repeat-mode".


Cara also has the ability to play Livestreams in the shape of music, allowing you to play a continuous music-source with that function.

Live Timeline Display

As a little feature, Cara is able to display a Live-Timeline for you, always keeping you on the current status of your music.